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Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Ergomotion is a global sleep technology company that has become the leader in adjustable bed industry.

They are the world’s largest privately-held sleep technology company and standby a principle that luxury is achieved through both style and substance.

Today, over 1 million Ergomotion adjustable bed bases have been sold across 30+ countries worldwide. is the best online store to find the best deals on Ergomotion Adjustable beds.

Each of Ergomotion Adjustable Bed in offers:

  • seamless integration with the world’s leading mattress companies and with existing bed frames.
  • transforming your room to your needs (for working or resting)
  • helps to increase blood flow and provide restorative sleep
  • a built-in massage functionality adjustable by intensity and duration providing further personalization and relaxation to the Ergomotion experience.